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Convenient, efficient and cost-effective, you'll win back time and money and still find qualified staff.

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Set up and ready to receive incoming applications in minutes.


Exclusive recruiting on social platforms and address candidates before the competition does.

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Precisely tailored to your problems to meet your staffing ratio as easily as possible.

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Step 1

Post a job

Describe the vacant position simply and comprehensively using our specifically developed input mask.

This ensures that interested parties receive all the relevant information they need to contact you.

Step 2

Set advertising budget

Advertise the vacancy on all common social platforms. Control your budget down to the individual euro and receive a forecast of the expected number of applications.

This way, you keep full control over your running costs and can end the application to the minute as soon as an employment contract has been signed.

Step 3

Receive applications

Observes daily new incoming inquiries from interested parties.

Decide for yourself how many and which of the inquiries you would like to release and receive all the details of the application directly.

Flexible pay for individual applications

Flexible pay per lead model. You see each application received individually and decide whether you want to activate it. So you pay only what is necessary.

If you manage to fill the position after a few candidates, you do not need to pay for further applications received.

What does it cost?

You set your advertising budget per week. We use this 100% to find applicants for you. A forecast shows you directly how much feedback you can expect.

After receiving the applications, you pay 99€ per application (pay-per-lead model) to view the contact information.

Instead of paying thousands of Euros in advance with no promise of success, you can keep your costs minimal.

Example calculation

Advertising costs ____________ 140€ (14 days running time with 10€/day)

Activation costs _____ 297€ (3/5 applications activated at 99€/application each)

Result _________________ 437€ to hire a new professional!

Success story

Ottensen Easter Church, Hamburg

Natalie leads the Ev.-Luth. church congregation in Ottensen. She was urgently looking for employees and mentions how much she is affected by the staff shortage. Since other job portals are complicated and expensive, we were able to place 30 employees with advertisements and a small budget. Of these, three educators have signed employment contracts. Through our jobs feature at, daycare centers can conveniently advertise jobs to avoid shortages of skilled workers. Through our targeted advertisements which are played out district-specific, suitable employees can be searched for and found.