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Since March officially available in Germany for anyone who needs a day care place or wants to save their day care centre or provider time and money. Every day, parents in Germany struggle with the problems of finding a daycare place, while daycare centres and providers are overwhelmed. We offer parents access to daycare places and facilitate daycare management by providing a digital platform that accompanies the whole process.

Our team

Michael Kuczera

Why do you work at
Hearing from friends and relatives about the problems of finding a day care centre in our times has shocked me greatly. So we want to change it

Christoph Wackher
Product Manager

Why do you work at
I can use my experience from the digital sector to make a difference socially

Matthias Ohnemus

Why do you work at
Clearly, I am making the world a better place and really helping my fellow human beings.

Our history & values

Parents are under massive pressure to find a place in daycare, with confusing enrolments without a status view, different ways of contacting daycare centres, bureaucratic obstacles and outdated solutions. Daycare centres, on the other hand, are struggling with inactive applications and have to manage both digital and analogue applications, which is a huge time-consuming task and complicates the application process.

Bei we offer parents who need daycare places a platform with which they can find a place quickly and easily. For daycare centres and providers who want to save time and money, we offer a platform that allows them to manage space allocation more easily. Unlike other products that are old-fashioned, slow and complicated.
When parents, daycare centres or providers use our platform, they can feel reassured and secure in the knowledge that we are taking work off their hands and saving them stress.

  • We stand for honesty: we are always honest with ourselves and all users of the platform and meet as equals.

  • We stand for transparency: we want to simplify complicated structures in the market and disclose them transparently.

  • We stand for ambitionWe want to offer the best possible experience to all users of the platform and are therefore working with great ambition to solve the day care place problem.