Semi-open concept

In kindergarten education, a distinction can be made between closed and open groups. Semi-open groups are a mixture of these two forms. The groups are not always open, but for example only on certain days or at fixed times.

The forms of the semi-open concept

In the semi-open concept, children are in their home group on the one hand and have "free play time" across groups on the other. In this "free play time", the children - according to the pedagogical concept - are provided with different offers that they can use. In detail, this means that the children can go to different functional rooms, such as the gym, the studio, the workroom, and try out the offers there (with other children), depending on what is on offer. Depending on the day care centre, the possibilities of opening up the groups vary, but frequent possibilities are:

The advantages and disadvantages of the semi-open concept

The advantage for the children is that they get to know all the rooms, all the other children and also all the professionals. Children come together regardless of age and siblings can also play together. Children can find new playmates for certain activities. The children's independence and decisiveness are encouraged. Disadvantages arise from the fact that children can be overwhelmed with the situation - depending on their age and personality. For example, introverted children may have a more difficult time because they tend to be more withdrawn. Another disadvantage is that children only do the activity they like best, which makes it more difficult to promote the child holistically. Nevertheless, the children in the core group have one or more fixed reference persons. In the partially open group, the professionals also get to know all the children. For the children, this has the advantage that their development can be better promoted, as it is observed from different perspectives. For the professionals themselves, there is also the advantage that they are no longer responsible for everything in the group and can also work more quietly with the children.

Care services according to the semi-open concept