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Kneipp pedagogy

This method is intended to enable children to lead a health-conscious lifestyle in harmony with nature and others. Central components are: order of life, water, medicinal herbs, exercise and nutrition. These are taught to the children in a playful way to encourage their curiosity and knowledge base.

Gezeichnetes Portrait von Sebastian Kneipp© Sebastian Kneipp - Selbsterstellter Scan aus Das grosse Kneippbuch von 1915

Kneipp & the 5 elements

Sebastian Kneipp lived in Germany from 1821 to 1897. After studying theology, he was a priest all his life. Kneipp himself suffered from severe tuberculosis as a young adult. Therefore, he was intensively concerned with the subject of health. Over the years, Kneipp developed an innovative and holistic therapy method to promote human health, which is still used today. The so-called Kneipp method consists of 5 elements: Life order, water treatments, medicinal herbs, exercise and nutrition.

"The best thing you can do for a disease is to do something for your health." - Sebastian Kneipp

With Kneipp education, children should learn to develop a health-conscious lifestyle. The 5 elements of the Kneipp method are central to this. The Kneipp method is characterised above all by the fact that special attention is paid to integrating the child into nature. Thus, medicinal herbalism is a component of Kneipp pedagogy. Water plays a special role in the teaching. For example, the children also learn the method of treading water or pouring water on their faces. Exercise is linked to positive experiences for the children, so that they still like to move as adults. When it comes to nutrition, attention is paid to a healthy, natural and balanced diet. Balance and harmony for body, mind and soul for the children is also a central component in the Kneipp teachings.

Care services according to Kneipp

The principles of Kneipp education

The aim is for children to learn what keeps them healthy and not to know what makes them ill. This is also the motto of Kneipp education: The child of today is the health-conscious adult of tomorrow.