Open pedagogy of mindfulness

This approach is derived from the open approach. Central elements of the open pedagogy of mindfulness are: Love, appreciation, acceptance without judgement and self-determination.

Mindfulness - Living and experiencing life

Mindfulness is increasingly the focus of research in various scientific disciplines, above all medicine, neurology, psychology and even education. The MBSR Association in Germany describes mindfulness as the non-judgemental acceptance of everything that is there in the moment, whether it is negative or positive emotions, feelings or thoughts. The principle of mindfulness is closely linked to the tradition of Buddhism and meditation is also promoted and trained. However, one does not have to become a Buddhist to practise mindfulness. On the contrary, anyone can learn this technique. The link to Buddhism is only given by the fact that the anchoring of meditation is strong.

Mindfulness in the day care centre

Teaching children to meditate is not the goal of open mindfulness education. It is much more about teaching the children compassion. Compassion for themselves but also for others. Not pity, so that the children feel sorry for others, but compassion. This means that in addition to promoting the children's personal independence and their ability to act, it is also about developing the ability to love themselves and other people. The aim is to equip children with the resources to deal compassionately with themselves and other children. In this way, the children's socio-emotional learning is promoted. It is also important to promote creativity through movement, love of animals, music and dance. Another central aspect is the non-judgemental acceptance of the children. The children's behaviour at a particular moment is the only correct one for that moment. Basically, in the pedagogy of mindfulness, just as in the open approach, the children are as free as possible in their development. This means that they control their learning rhythm and development themselves to a certain extent. The educators: Inside should mainly support the children in their development and provide them with opportunities to learn and discover. The open pedagogy of mindfulness has the possibility of incorporating ideas from ecological pedagogy, workshop work, thebilingual approach or the toy-free approach and integrate them.

Open pedagogy of mindfulness in care facilities